Welcome to the Orchard
in Golden, CO!

December 16, 2022
Reminder - TownSq is Live!

Just a reminder that as part of our partnership with Associa (our new HOA management company), we will be using an application called TownSq for most tasks going forward, including submissions to the design review committee, submissions of violations for review, and payment of annual dues. Here is the link - https://app.townsq.io/.


To get signed up, please reach out to our Associa representative - Maya Crow-Williard - at: MCrow-Willard@associacolorado.com. Please also feel free to reach out to our HOA Board President Joby Schaffer at: joby.schaffer@gmail.com.    

December 12, 2022
Board Officers for 2023

Per the requirements of our bylaws, the board met on December 12th to determine officers for the coming year. 


President: Joby Schaffer

Vice President: Justice Keller

Treasurer/Secretary: Tim Raub

Board Member: Nikki Rossetter

Board Member: Ari Abrams


Ari Abrams will also serve as the chair of the Design Review Committee (DRC). 



Contact Associa immediately regarding damage to any perimeter fence by sending an e-mail to our Associa representative - Maya Crow-Williard - at MCrow-Willard@associacolorado.com. Be sure to include your name, contact information, and a brief description of the damage.