Exterior Property Improvements



The Orchard HOA Board wants to remind you, you are REQUIRED to submit ALL repairs/changes for exterior house items to the Design Review Committee. While we have 30 days to respond to this request, please know the DRC will do their best to contact you promptly after receiving your completed submittal. Please remember, if changes are not submitted to the DRC, the Orchard HOA board will contact you directly to discuss and remedy.


For questions or information regarding ALL exterior improvements to your property reach out to the Design Review Committee by submitting a form on the "Need Help?" page: Need Help? You may also reach out to HOA Board President Joby Schaffer at: president@orchardhoa.org.

General Guidelines on Property Improvement Submissions


These guidelines are taken directly from the Amended and Restated Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of The Orchard (“Declaration”), Article VI, Architectural Approval/Design Review.  These guidelines are not meant to replace any section of the Declarants and the Declarants remain as the source document.  If you have questions or seek clarification for any of the following refer to the Covenants directly.

1. All Improvements to the exterior of a property must be approved.

2. Approval must be attained prior to the commencement of the construction  of any improvement to property. 

3. Improvement to property is defined as:

         a.      Construction, installation, erection or expansion

           b.      Demolition or destruction of any building or structure

         c.      Grading, excavation, filling or similar disturbance of surface of land

         d.      Landscaping, planting, clearing or removal of trees, shrubs, grass or

                 perennial plants

         e.      ANY change, alteration, modification, expansion or addition to any

                 previously approved improvement to property, including any change

                 of exterior appearance, finish material, color or texture

4.    Submission must be made prior to commencement of work and must include descriptions, surveys, plot materials, and colors and should show the nature, kind, shape, height, width, color, materials, and location of the proposed improvement.

5.    Criteria for approval includes the right to disapprove any proposed improvement to property which is not in compliance with the Design Guidelines as interpreted and implemented in the reasonable discretion of the Committee.  These guidelines also take into consideration the suitability of the proposed improvement to property and of the materials of which it is to build, the color scheme, the site upon which it is to proposed to erect the same, the harmony of the surroundings and the effect of the improvement to property as planned on the outlook form the adjacent or neighboring property as well as the spirit or intent of the Declaration. 

6.    Decision of the Committee must be made within thirty (30) days after receipt by the Committee of all materials required by the committee.  The decision shall be in writing and any denial will contain reasons for the denial. 

7.     All approved work must be completed as promptly and diligently as possible and in complete conformity with the description of the proposed improvement. Failure to complete the improvement within six (6) months after the date work is commenced or to complete the improvement in accordance with the proposal shall constitute noncompliance and could result in monetary penalty.

8.    Notice of completion must be provided in writing to the committee. 

9.    Inspection of work can inspect the improvement prior to or after completion.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions