Fence Replacement Information

The Fence Replacement project was completed in 2021. 


If you would like a copy of the RFP that was provided to the contractors for bid, a copy of any of the bids provided to us, a copy of any of the references or any other information please reach out to Justice Keller at 303-815-2502.

April 2021

The board is in the process of finalizing the contract for the final phase of the fence for this summer. Stay tuned here for updates

May 2020

The first phase of the fence project was completed on budget. The final walk through was completed by members of the board, the Design Review Committee and Split Rail Fence Company. All punch list items have been addressed. The second phase of the fence project has been contracted to Split Rail Fence Company. Updates on commencement of this second phase will be posted on the website and on the Community Board as soon as they are available.

September 2019

The contract was signed on Septemeber 3, 2019 to move forward with the project.  September 16, 2019 the fencing project started with underground line locators working with homeowners to assess where various utilities were located.  As of today 9/27/2019 we are approximatley 1/3 of the way through the project.  Originally, Split Rail advised the project would take approximately 3 weeks; however, as you all know there is a lot of rock to dig through when putting holes in the ground.  We are thinking it will go for about 6 to 7 weeks. The fence that is being installed is truly a replacement of what was already there.  This was the most cost effective way to move forward and the Board and Fence Committee collectively deicded to start on the East of the Subdivsion due to the Denver Water Project that still is not quite done.

August 2019

We called 6 different references, 3 for each company and were able to recieve 3 out of 6 references for the organizations who bid the project.  The Board voted and accepted the unanimous decision of the Fence Committee to move forward with Split Rail Fence. 

July 2019

All proposals were due back to the board on July 26, 2019.  On July 30, 2019 the board met with the Fence Committee to discuss proposals that were received.  We sent our RFP to 5 different companies and received 3 quotes back.  During this meeting the Board and Fence Committee read over the proposals and came up with clarifying questions to send back to the organizations.  We decided to move forward with getting references and clarifying answers for only two of the 3 quotes.

June 2019

Board approved the RFP with revisions and sent the RFP to four different contractors.  As of right now we do have a few interested contractors and apponitments are being made for them to review the project and scope to return a bid to the association.

May 2019

Draft RFP was sent to the Fence Committee for comments and revisions.

April 2019

First draft of the RFP was received by the board and reviewed.

March 2019

Board was notified that all dues were collected and the first Phase of the project was funded.

February - March 2019

Communication was conducted mostly by email and various ideas were passed around regarding the RFP and what was needed.  

January 2019

First Fence Commitee Meeting was held.  All members atended the meeting and decided next steps would be start gathering names of companies to send RFP's to,  begin putting together some ideas via email regarding what an RFP might look like.   

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